The cover of Haunted Mansion #7

Haunted Mansion #7 is the seventh issue of the comics by Slave Labor Graphics, released in October 2007.

Laugh? I Thought I'd Die!
Nobody does jokes like Ezra Gasser ― that is, until an exotic gag does him in. Will it be laffs all 'round at Gracey Manor?
Written by Jon "Bean" Hastings
Drawn by Jon Morris

On a Tightrope
A belle dame sans merci hath bayou men in thrall, but she must learn this: Pride goeth before a fall.
Written by Chris Reilly
Drawn by Stephanie Freese

Three of a Kind
Hobbs, Big Hobbs, and Skinny Hobbs are the Bayou's worst poker players. So why would they gamble with their lives?
Written by Chris Reilly and Steve Ahlquist
Illustrated by Chris Grine

The Misery of the Manse Part Seven
Stately Gracey Manor, lately home to 999 ghosts, has descended into the bowels of the earth after ghost number 1000 showed up. Let Madame Leota explain to you what the devil has happened.
Written by Dan Vado
Drawn by Drew Rausch
Lettered by Eleanor Lawson

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