The cover of Haunted Mansion #6

Haunted Mansion #6 is the sixth issue of the comics by Slave Labor Graphics, released in May 2007.

Doom of the Diva
Baronessa Elda, diva with an attitude to match her girth, is about to give the performance of a lifetime. Will she bring down the house?
by Alice and Andy Price

The Mystery of the Manse Part Six
In the final installment of the history of the mysteries of Gracey Manor, Master Gracey hints at the future of the haunted manse.
Written by Dan Vado
Illustrated by Mike Moss
Lettering by David Hedgecock

The Final Interview
Sarah's dead-set on becoming one of the happy haunts of Gracey Manor, but the caretaker has some wisdom to share with her.
Written by Dan Vado
Illustrated by Drew Rausch
Lettering by David Hedgecock

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