The cover of Haunted Mansion #1

Haunted Mansion #1 is the first issue of the comics by Slave Labor Graphics, released in October 2005.

Room for a Thousand
Many ghosts have thought they had what it takes to be resident 1,000 of our infamous manse. In this story, the newest hopeful spook takes us on a quick tour of the house.
Written and Illustrated by Eric Jones
Words courtesy of the Ghost Host

Blueprint for Murder
The designers of the mansion become the first after-life inhabitants in a story of greed, envy and murder.
Written and Illustrated by Jon "Bean" Hastings

While the Fifi is Away
Tales from the pet cemetery from the master of creepy animals.
Written and Illustrated by Roman Dirge

Talking Heads
Madame Leota gives advice to a lovelorn ghost who has a bit of a personal problem.
Written and Illustrated by Black Olive

The New Groundskeeper
A new groundskeeper starts work at the mansion, and the residents have opinions about his replacement.
Written and Illustrated by D.W. Fryendall

The Mystery of the Manse Part One
The story of William Gracey and the truth about the mansion's creepy history begins in this issue.
Written by Dan Vado
Illustrated by Mike Moss and Brian Belew

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