The cover of Haunted Mansion Volume One:Welcome Foolish Mortals

The Haunted Mansion (comics) can refer to several comic books and graphic novel spin-offs based on the setting, characters and stories inspired by the original attraction. To date, two different comic series have been printed: one by Slave Labor Graphics, and the other in Marvel's Disney Kingdoms line. To that must be added the various fancomics that have surfaced on the Internet, though they are of course not taken into account on this wiki.

Slave Labor Graphics

In October 2005, Slave Labor Graphics released a bimonthly anthology comic inspired by the Haunted Mansion attraction. Written and drawn by a multitude of artists and writers each issue, it featured interpretations of the Mansion's backstory and of some of the 999 happy haunts inside. Slave Labor Graphics later published a compilation of the first six comic books entitled Haunted Mansion Volume One: Welcome Foolish Mortals.


Marvel Comics

In March 2016, Marvel Comics launched a five-issue series of Haunted Mansion comics under their Disney Kingdoms line. Unlike the comics published by Slave Labor Graphics, these comics tell a singular ongoing story, and therefore have a single page instead of individual pages.

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