The Haunted Armour is a spirit haunting the Haunted Mansion.


The classic suit of armour is great metal with a red loincloth as well as red and yellow feathers decorating its helm. It has two brass coloured fleur-de-lis on its shoulder pads which go over its chest and the helmet has a hooked, beak-like shape with brass designs which make it resemble a face. It is holding a spear and a shield with its shield being decorated with the symbol of a Christian cross and the symbol of a black lion on a blue field with two, "X" marks near the bottom.

Around 2019, Walt Disney World replaced its original knight with one having a traditional armour design and no longer having its shield. Disneyland Paris' knight has a traditional bassinet visor, green plumage and is wielding a halberd rather than a spear.


Haunted Mansion/Phantom Manor

In all of the Haunted Mansion attractions as well as Phantom Manor, the armour appears in front of the entrance to the endless hallway where it makes slight movements in order to create a more ominous atmosphere.

Phantom Manor

As of the 2018 refurbishments, a variant of the haunted armour was put in Phantom Manor in the location which previously had the old-attraction's first Mélanie Ravenswood animatronic.

Mystic Manor

Although the armour depicted in the other attractions does not make an appearance, there is a possible reference to the original in Mystic Manor in the form of the armoury where multiple suits of armour are shown coming to life.

Other Appearances

2003 Film

In the 2003 film there are multiple suits of haunted armour from several different time periods which all come to life in the climax to assist the villain.

2003 video game

The haunted armour inspired the Knights which are introduced in the Trophy Room.

Kinect Disneyland Adventures

In this video-game, the Haunted Armour's character gets combines with that of the Beheaded Knight and of Phineas. They appear as an enemy who pursues the player through the Haunted Mansion after being summoned by Madame Leota. It is eventually smashed by the Grandfather Clock dropped on it by the player.

Disney Crossy Road

The the mobile app Disney Crossy Road, the suit of armour from the classic ride appears as both an obstacle and a playable character


  • The strange helmet design of the Armour is based off "costume armour" made in 1526 by the then Archbishop of Mainz, Albrecht von Brandenburg. The armour nowadays can be found in Vienna's Kunsthistorisches Museum.
  • The X marks on the shield might be a tribute to imagineer X. Atencio.
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