Harrison Hightower III is a ghost who is associated with Mystic Manor and the

Haunted Mansion and who appears in Tokyo DisneySea's Tower of Terror



Harrison Hightower III was born in New York in 1835. Hightower inherited a large fortune from his parents and used it to expand the family mansion into a lavish hotel, the Hotel Hightower, while also using it to showcase his personal collection of artifacts and treasures from across the world. Hightower was also a member of the Society of Explorers and Adventurers (S.E.A.) and a peer of Lord Henry Mystic.

Hightower was noted for his large personality and even larger ego, feeling that any treasure he sought should belong to him. Rumor persists that Hightower was particularly ruthless in his acquisition of relics and art objects, with some going so far as to say he outright stole from other collectors, museums and sacred sites; in one instance - one that ultimately doomed him - Harrison stole the cursed idol Shiriki Utundu from the Mtundo tribe of the Congo.

On December 31st, 1899, Hightower threw a New Years Eve party at Hotel Hightower celebrating his return from the Congo, where at midnight he mocked the idol by using it to extinguish his cigar. The angered Shiriki Utundu used its powers to summon a blast of green energy which spirited away Hightower. Ever since that night, Hotel Hightower has been abandoned, rumored to be haunted by Hightower's ghost and cursed by Shiriki Utundu. The hotel was a even scheduled for demolition but was saved by the New York Preservation Society in 1912 which turned it into a tourist attraction.


Tower of Terror

In the Tower of Terror at DisneySea, Hightower's ghost serves as the initial host of the mortal guests when the enter the elevator and he can later be seen as a ghost in the penthouse recreating his ultimate fate with Shiriki Utundu.

Mystic Manor

In Mystic Manor Hightower can be seen holding Shiriki Utundu in a portrait from 1899 of the Society of Explorers and Adventurers alongside Lord Henry Mystic and several other S.E.A. members such as Captain Mary Oceaneer.


  • Harrison shares his last name with Constance Hatchaway's fifth husband George Hightower, it is safe to assume that they are related but the exact nature of their relationship is unknown. However it is known that he would have been 42 during George's marriage to Constance.
  • Hightower was portrayed by imagineer Joe Rhode
  • At some point in his life, Harrison and a group of explorers were wandering around the jungle when one day they stumbled upon a 5,000 year old site, one with idols, a large temple and two altars, one of fire, one of water. Harrison attempted to take one of the head shrines but caused the gods to wreak havoc on the temple. This is the backstory of the Tokyo DisneySea ride, Raging Spirits.
  • As shown on an oar-plaque in Disneyland's Tropical Hideaway, Harrison went on a notable expedition through the Yangtze River in the year 1872.