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Some of the 999 happy haunts of the Haunted Mansion

"We have 999 happy haunts here, but there's room for a thousand. Any volunteers?"
—The Ghost Host to guests

The Happy Haunts are the nine-hundred and ninety-nine spirits haunting the Haunted Mansion.


The ethereal inhabitants of the Haunted Mansion are often referred to by the Ghost Host as the Happy Haunts.

Happy Haunts vary in appearance, from translucent people-like apparitions, to slightly rotten corpses. Nonetheless, they all enjoy their life in the Haunted Mansion, and they enjoy the company of the living, without frightening them too much.


Promotional Material Story

The original story for the ghosts in the haunted mansion was much more meta-textual than most to come after it.

Walt Disney and the Disneyland's Ghost Relations Department began collecting these ghosts to live in the Haunted Mansion. Disney successfully brought in 999 of them in time for the opening of the original ride on August 9, 1969.

Despite having died three years before (although some of them already haunted Gracey Manor before it was turned into a retirement home, most notably the Ghost Host, Madame Leota and the Black Widow Bride).

Other Versions


2003 Film

In the 2003 film, the Haunted Mansion is apparently cursed in its entirety due to its owner Edward Gracey having had commit suicide after his butler Ramsley murdered his bride Elizabeth and faked the death as suicide. There still seem to be a great number of ghosts in the mansion, even excluding those who were servants of family-members. Notably, the entire graveyard adjacent to Gracey Manor is filled with ghosts from a great different number of eras, completely inexplicably.

By the end of the film, Edward's ghost is reunited with that of his love and Ramsley is suddenly dragged down to hell by a fireplace dragon demon which spontaneously shows up without prior reference. The movie ends with all of the other ghosts finding peace by going to heaven because of Edward getting his girlfriend back; all except the Singing Busts and Leota who inexplicably stay behind.


SLG Comics

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Disney Kingdoms

In Disney Kingdoms' Haunted Mansion, only 4 of the Haunted mansion's undead inhabitants actually died there: Constance Hatchaway, the Hatbox Ghost, Madame Leota and the Captain. The rest of the mansion's inhabitants are made up of spirits who traveled there for retirement only to be trapped there by the captain's ghost.

Identified Happy Haunts


Walt Disney World

Foyer-Stretching Room

Tokyo/Walt Disney World

  • Aging Man/Master of the House (likely Master Gracey)

Interior Queue


Walt Disney World/Tokyo

Corridors of Mansion

Walt Disney World



Séance Circle







Exit Crypt

Walt Disney World