The Great Hall is the first room in the entire mansion where Zeke begins his fight against Atticus Thorn and his minions in The Haunted Mansion. It also serves as a training room for Zeke to get the hang of the Beacon's power against a small group Evil Spirits.


Once it starts, Madame Leota will brief Zeke. She will then give Zeke the Sacred Lantern/Beacon, which is the single most important weapon for the entire game and a White Soul Gem attached to the Beacon. Once Leota finishes explaining their situation, she proceeds to tell Zeke to turn on the lights in the Great Hall to mark the beginning of their journey across the mansion. To the left wall there are paintings hanging on the wall. Activate the 3rd one, it's shaking anyway. Inside the room is a Mumbo Doll. Continue forward, as expected, Zeke is almost immediately attacked by Evil Spirits as soon as he attempts to approach the light switch. Leota instructs Zeke on how to properly use the beacon's power against adversaries such as the Evil Spirits. There are eight Evil Spirits to show up if Zeke is waiting for them or he can just go directly to the light switch and activate it. Now Zeke becomes less afraid but his task isn't done yet as he is instructed by Leota to find fifteen hiding ghosts inside four items inside in the room and in the basement. First activation is on a big square box on the left side under a painting. Second is on a big square box on the right wall. Third is on a brown rounded-basket? inside the basement to the left. Forth is in a Brown rounded-basket opposite to the table. Once that's done, Leota acknowledges how Zeke finds a part of an old death certificate that one of the souls was carrying around. She then goes on to say that if Zeke finds all the pieces and hands to the owner then he would be rewarded. With that said, she makes known on how to open the door. As he is leaving the room, a Dark Reaper briefly appears behind him apparently spying on Zeke and presumably follows.

Friendly Ghosts

Vermiphobic Ghost

There is an old ghost trying to hide underneath the table Madame Leota was on. He's scared that the "worms" are going to get him.

Worried Ghost Lady

On the Hall, there is the ghost of a lady with a small umbrella commenting on the bad weather and the unnatural storm.

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