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"What do you think of letting real people into Disneyland's Haunted Mansion?"
"Well, they are kind of fun to watch, but all that yelling and screaming is spooky! Why, you'd think they'd never seen a ghost before."
—A reporter and Granny Ghoul

Granny Ghoul is the ghost of an old woman who was once a Peoria socialite and silent movie vamp. In 1969, she was interviewed in the Disneyland Haunted Mansion by a reporter, who she showed her latest creation: a see-thru bell-bottom bed sheet with big holes where her eyes used to be. The reporter also interviewed Phineas Pock and Willie the Wisp.

Granny Ghoul was voiced by Paul Frees in a 1969 radio ad promoting the opening of the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland.

Some fans have speculated that she may be the Old Lady in the rocking chair in the ballroom.