Granny is a character in the Haunted Mansion.



The ghost appears in the Haunted Mansion's Grand Hall near the fireplace, sitting in a rocking chair. The Old Woman rocks back and forth in her chair as she fades in-and-out of sight causing her chair to look like it's rocking itself (which in terms of technical effects, it is).


The Old Lady's appearance resembles both concept art and an unused scene made by imagineer Ken Anderson.  The planned scene's directions read,  "The room 'comes to life' as a green fire ignites itself in the fireplace and an empty rocking chair beside begins to rock.".

Concept art of the character made by Ken Anderson


The Old Lady is also considered by some to be the same character as Granny Ghoul, a spirit character who appeared in promotions for the attraction voiced by Paul Frees.

Other appearances

2003 video game

The Old Lady Ghost appears in the 2003 video game as one of the six friendly ghosts enslaved by Atticus Thorn. She appears in the Parlor level where gives Zeke a weapon upgrade upon the level's completion. This version of the character has a backstory in which she died after drinking poisoned tea in the parlor.

The Haunted Mansion: Frights of Fancy

The Old Lady Ghost, referred to as Grams, appears in the comic as part of a crew of ghosts that Sydney is assigned to work with to improve the effectiveness of scares at the Mansion.


  • The animatronic used for the ghost is a replica of the animatronic-figure used in Walt Disney's Carousel of Progress for the Grandmother.  The Carousel of Progress pre-dated the Haunted Mansion's opening in Disneyland but in Walt Disney World the Haunted Mansion was built and opened before Carousel of Progress.
    • Sometimes this character is identified as being the ghost of the grandmother from carousel of progress.
  • Like all of the other ghosts in the Grand Hall sequence, her animatronic utilizes the Pepper's Ghost illusion to maintain a ghostly appearance.
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