"This is the ancestral mansion of the Gracey family. It's a real fixer-upper, with a Victorian ballroom; secret passageways; spacious grounds with room for the whole family; and a mystery that has cursed the house for over 100 years."
—2003 film trailer narration

Gracey Manor is the name of the mansion in the 2003 film. Its design was primarily based on the Disneyland version of the manor, but it contains elements inspired by the Walt Disney World version, such as the conservatory being visible on the side of the house.


Gracey Manor was a mansion once home to the Gracey family, located in or around New Orleans, Louisiana. It was built by a wealthy sea captain named Ambrose Gracey. The mansion became cursed, and was haunted by the spirits of Edward Gracey, his lover Elizabeth Henshaw, the house servants, and others. For an in-depth history of the house, see The Legend of Gracey Manor.

Notable inhabitants

The following names are of individuals who were associated with Gracey Manor in some way (most of whom lived there).


  • Gracey Manor is also the name of the titular mansion in the comics. In The Misery of the Manse Part One (Haunted Mansion #7), Gracey Manor is modeled after the version in the film.
  • The film's Gracey Manor was recreated in the video game.
  • In the teaser poster for the film, Gracey Manor is depicted as taller and thinner, and the conservatory is absent.
  • In the original animated teaser trailer for the film, the voice-over narration (Corey Burton as the Ghost Host) states that Gracey Manor (referred to as "The Gracey Mansion") has 52 bedrooms, 67 bathrooms, and 999 ghosts. The house in the teaser is depicted as a towering Victorian mansion that looks more like Phantom Manor or the WDW Mansion than like the more classical New-Orleans seen in the final movie.
  • In early drafts of the screenplay, Gracey Manor was located in upstate New York. Had this aspect been kept, the mansion's design would have likely been modeled after the Walt Disney World version.


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