"Welcome to Gracey Manor."
—The ghost of William Gracey

Graceymanor newgroundskeeper

Gracey Manor as it appears in The New Groundskeeper

Gracey Manor (sometimes Gracey Mansion) is the name of the mansion in the Slave Labor Graphics comics. In most of the artwork, the design of Gracey Manor was directly lifted from the antebellum mansion at Disneyland. In other illustrations, the mansion was modeled after Ravenswood Manor, the house of Disneyland Paris' Phantom Manor attraction.


Gracey Manor is located in New Orleans Square in New Orleans, Louisiana. Its street number is 1313. Initially designed by the architects Coats and Davis, who disappeared shortly after the house was built, the manor was abandoned not long after and remained a source of local ghost stories for years. Its most notable owner was a wealthy sea captain named William Gracey, who gave the mansion its title, and is now occupied by 999 ghosts, both of the house's original inhabitants and lost souls drawn to the property from all corners of the globe.

Notable inhabitants

The following names are of individuals who occupy or have occupied Gracey Manor and its grounds (most of whom are ghosts).


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