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The Hatbox Ghost showing the Gallery to Danny Crowe

The Ghostly Materials Gallery is a location featured in Marvel Comics' Disney Kingdoms comic-book series, the Haunted Mansion.


The Ghostly Materials Gallery is a chamber accessed through the Haunted Mansion via the endless limbo of the Endless Staircase. The gallery and the staircase serve to connect the Haunted Mansion to haunted, magical, cursed, and otherwise places of high paranormal spirituality from around the world. The gallery itself is a room decorated with photographs and/or portraits of these locations.

The staircase and chamber are only used by the Hatbox Ghost who in the lore of the story is one of the only four ghosts to have actually died on the manor's grounds. The Hatbox Ghost considers the gallery to be a reminder that even in death, life should be celebrated. He shares the location with Danny Crowe.

Locations Featured

Several of the locations shown are of some significance. In alphabetical order, these locations include:

  • The Antebellum Mansion: The Haunted Mansion from Disneyland's original incarnation of the Haunted Mansion which also serves as the titular location for the Disney Kingdoms comic. In-world it is located in New Orleans, Louisiana.
    • The image is found around the centre of the stage-right wall where it is the largest image.
  • Gracey Manor: The incarnation of the Haunted Mansion found in the Magic Kingdom of Walt Disney World in Liberty Square. In the ride's continuity, it is set in the Hudson River Valley of upstate New York State.
    • Found to the bottom stage-right corner of the antebellum mansion.
  • The Hollywood Tower Hotel: The setting for the Walt Disney World and Disneyland Paris attraction, The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror. In the ride's story, it was a hotel located at the end of Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood, in the city of Los Angelos, California. It was a popular Hollywood hotel until the Halloween of 1939 when it was struck by lightning and turned into a portal to the 5th dimension, being frozen in time and causing 5 people in the elevator to vanish.
    • Image found in top-left corner of page.
  • The Museum of the Wyrd: The Museum of the Wyrd as featured in Disney Kingdoms' Seekers of the Weird comic which is based on the unbuilt Museum of the Weird sister-attraction to the Haunted Mansion. In the comics, it is accessed through New Orleans, Louisiana and is a sort of vault for the arcane which is operated by a secret-society known as the Wardens with the Museum itself being on a floating island.
    • It can be seen stage-left of the Antebellum mansion's picture.
  • Rainbow Ridge: Rainbow Ridge is a mining-town from the defunct ride Mine Train Through Nature’s Wonderland and active ride Big Thunder Mountain Railroad (specifically in Disneyland). It is a colony built along Big Thunder Mountain in 1869 which was plagued by accidents and earthquakes from the Spirit of Big Thunder. In the Disney Kingdoms Big Thunder Mountain comics, it is the central location and home to the Big Thunder Mining Company's owner Barnabas T. Bullion.
    • The image is found around the centre of the stage-right wall, directly above the Antebellum mansion.
  • Ravenswood Manor: Ravenswood Manor is the setting of Phantom Manor in Disneyland Paris' Frontierland. It is set in the fictional town of Thunder Mesa, presumably located in the American state of Arizona.
    • Image found on bottom-row of the stage-right wall, third photo stage-right.