GRD Sign

Sign for the GRD found in the hearse outside the Haunted Mansion.

The Ghost Relations Department (abbreviated as GRD) is a small but dedicated branch of the Walt Disney Company that handles ghost-to-human affairs. Its stated purpose is to "foster good relations between the mortal and aetheric realms," which includes helping wayward souls find a place to haunt and giving living humans a chance to interact with the deceased.[1]


The GRD was established in 1963 while planning was underway to bring a Haunted Mansion attraction in Disneyland. As per Walt Disney's statements, this mansion was to be occupied by ghosts from all over the world, in particular those restless phantoms who no longer had a place to haunt. The GRD spent several years seeking out all sorts of marvelous wraiths and disembodied spirits and offering them the finest in new un-living accommodations; while in the meantime, an antebellum mansion appeared along the banks of the Rivers of America, marked only with a cryptic sign advertising "post-lifetime leases now available."

Quintessential hauntedmansion 1.jpg

The infamous sign that advertised the Haunted Mansion.

The Haunted Mansion would not open its doors to the living until 1969, and by then the GRD had managed to fill it with 999 happy haunts from across the globe. The mansion-tours conducted by the GRD were an instant hit with both mortal and ghost alike, and since that day the GRD has continued oversee these operations, while simultaneously expanding with the creation of several other haunts globally.

The Ghost Post

In 2016, the GRD began facing a new and inexplicable problem: ghosts could no longer leave the mansion. Since the attraction's opening, the GRD has helped the spectral residents of the mansion follow guests home, where they would return from after a good and active haunting. However, a mysterious ethereal fog began to engulf the mansion, causing any ghosts that entered it to become eternally lost if they attempted to leave - strangely, the fog only seemed to exist for the ghosts, while mortals could still come and go as they pleased.

To help the happy haunts, the GRD - in conjunction with the Committee of Wandering Ghosts - created the Ghost Post as a means to allow mortals attuned to the spirit world to lend aid to the ghosts. The GRD saw to the care and shipping of "scare packages" to 999 living souls, entrusting them with various items and artifacts provided by the spirits.

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