The Gargoyles are eight possibly animate statues in the Haunted Mansion and Phantom Manor.


The Gargoyles are small, goblin-like metal statues which hold a candle in each of their hand.


The gargoyles appear once in the Stretching Room where they are perched above the guests and stare down at them grinning. After the scene is finished whispering can be heard coming from their general areas, telling the mortals to leave the room.

Shy Gargoyle

Fastpass Queue Gargoyle


  • Although it is possible that they are simply inanimate statues, it is possible that they possess some form of spirit.
  • Artwork from merchandise often depicts them as being animate.
  • A different gargoyle can be seen perched on a wall pillar in the fast-pass queue for Disneyland's mansion which is themed as a garden area and is filled with statues.
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