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Frankenstein's Monster is a scrapped character, existing only as a concept sketch by Ken Anderson, who was to appear as one of the residents of the Haunted Mansion in the original ride.  The character was clearly based off of the Creature from Mary Shelley's Frankenstein: The Modern Prometheus and it's counterpart in the 1931 James Wales film adaptation.


In deleted scripts by Ken Anderson, the Haunted Mansion attraction would have revolved around the wedding of an undead bride and groom who in later scripts were named "Mademoiselle Vampire and Monsieur Bogyman".  The wedding's guest-list would have included the likes of the Headless HorsemanCount DraculaGreat Caesar's Ghost, the Lonesome Ghosts, and Frankenstein's Monster.

Anderson eventually made concept art of the creature behind bars with a design very clearly inspired by the Boris Karloff adaptaion of the character (considering his flat head).


Frankenstein's Monster was created by the mad scientist Victor Frankenstein in an effort to play god and create his own life.  The monster was created by pieces of corpse stolen from funeral parolours and even pieces of animal carcass stolen from abbatoires.  The creature was brought to life by a combination of science and alchemy (although in modern culture, galvinism is most famously equaited with the creature's creation) but while Victor designed the creature to be beautiful, when it came to life it was hideous.  Victor proceeded to dissown the monster out of terror and the creature was forced to fend for itself in the wild where it was turned mad from the persecution it suffered from.  Eventually the monster returned into Victor's life and tried to blackmail him into creating a mate for it so he wouldn't be alone but Victor refused causing a feud between the two.  Ultimately Victor chased the monster to the Arctic Circle but died of hypothermia and the monster is believed to have done so as-well.


  • While Frankenstein's Monster never made it into the ride, the character of Sparky from Frankenweenie who is inspired by the figure does have a form of cameo at the attraction.
  • Frankenstein's Monster was one of several literary, historic and cinematic characters which Ken Anderson wished to include as "Famous Ghosts" for the mansion.  Others reportedly included: Anne Boleyn, Lucrezia Borgia, Anne Bonny, Jack the Ripper, King Tut, Jacob Marley, Ebeneezer Scrooge, Captain Hook, Quasimodo, Erik the Opera Phantom, Count Dracula, the Canterville Ghost, Simon Legree, Little Eva, the Headless Horseman of Sleepy Hollow, Great Ceasar's Ghost and the Lonesome Ghosts.
  • The monster's flat head was designed for the 1931 film Frankenstein by makeup artist Jack Pierce.  This was done to visually represent how Frankenstein was not a trained surgeon so he could not properly perform brain-surgery on the creature so he rather opted to design the creature's skull like a can which was stitched shut at the top so he could open it up easily.
  • A creature modelled after Frankenstein's monster appears in crowd scenes as a resident of Halloween Town in Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993) of which Haunted Mansion Holiday and Haunted Mansion Holiday Nightmare are based.
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