Frank with Constance with the Love Forever Frank and Constance banner overhead
Frank Banks is one of the ghosts in the Haunted Mansion.


Frank Banks was a respected Eastern banker and pillar of the community in his hometown of Bulfors Isle, California. In 1872, he married the Constance Hatchaway, a beautiful widow who had inherited the wealth of her late-husband Ambrose Harper. To Frank's surprise, Constance beheaded him on their wedding night and inherited all this wealth, moving on to a next husband.

When Constance's ghost moved to the Haunted Mansion, so did the spirits of her five unfortunate husbands. They haunt her wedding pictures, making their head disappear from their shoulders to denounce Constance's crime to the guests.


  • Frank Banks is said in the video game The Haunted Mansion: The Black Widow Bride to be the Coffin Occupant.
  • Frank Banks's name references his occupation (a banker), much like Mr. Banks in Disney's Mary Poppins. Whether this is a deliberate allusion is unknown.
  • Frank's identified as having been an Eastern (likely New York City) banker but also as being affiliated with Bulfor's Island, California. Due to this it is unknown if Frank hails from California and moved west or vice versa before meeting Constance.
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