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The Floating Candelabra is a haunted object/number of objects in the Haunted Mansion and Phantom Manor.


The Haunted Mansion[]

In all versions of the attraction the candelabra appears in the Endless Hallway where it is seen in the distance floating on it's own.

Walt Disney World and Tokyo Disneyland[]

At both Disneyworld's Mansion and Tokyo's Mansion the Candelabra makes an additional appearance right after boarding a Doom Buggy in the Loading Zone and going into the Portrait Corridor.  Here the candelabra floats on a stairway landing overhead the guests.

Phantom Manor[]

In Phantom Manor, the candelabra appears in the Endless Corridor just like it does in mainstream Haunted Mansions but here there is the added effect of Mélanie Ravenswood appearing from thin-air holding onto the candelabra with the Phantom behind her.


The Candelabra's floating down an endless hallway is an illusion created through mirrors and forced perspective.  The Hallway uses mirror to make itself appear infinite and the Candelabra isn't actually as far away as it looks to guests, but instead is a tiny candelabra mould connected to the mirror and a motor behind it which makes the candelabra make "floating"-like movements.

Other Appearances[]

Ghost Gallery[]

In the unnoficial cast-member made Ghost Gallery storyline, the Candelabra is said to be the ghost of the mansion's late-housemaid Prudence. Prudence was the personal maid of Little Leota who was constantly bullied and tormented by the young girl. Prudence died one night of a nervous breakdown while walking down one of Gracey Manor's corridors and being scared by Little Leota.

SLG Comics[]

In the comics, the character of the ghost haunting the Candelabra is given to Mr. Coats. Coats was one of the two architects who was hired by William Gracey alongside Mr. Davis to construct Gracey Manor. After killing Davis to claim sole credit over the Mansion's creation, he found himself lost in a labyrinth of hallways that Davis had created. Coats died trying to find a way out, with his ghost using the candelabra to light his way.

2003 Film[]

The floating candelabra only appears in the film's opening credits. While the element doesn't appear in the rest of the movie, the butler Ramsley has a scene where he guides the main protagonists to their rooms by walking down a hallway with a candelabra, mirroring the Endless Hallway.

Video Game[]

The candelabra appears in the upstairs hallway. In addition, it also inspired the floating candle puzzle in the Dining Room level.

Kinect Disneyland Adventures[]

In this video-game, the floating candelabra guides the player's way in the level where they slowly fall down the Stretching Room.

Muppets Haunted Mansion[]

The Floating Candleabra is linked to the Ghost Host, who is seen regularly carrying it while guiding Gonzo and Pepe through the Mansion. Releasing it from his grasp allows it to take to the air, with the Ghost Host demonstrating this during "Life Hereafter" and using it to guide Gonzo to Room 999 for his challenge and to the Attic to rescue Pepe from Constance.