The Endless Staircase is a surreal space found only within the Haunted Mansion at the Magic Kingdom.

The Attraction

Guests are carried here via doom buggy after they leave the Music Room and travel up a long staircase into the darkness. Surrounding this on all sides are numerous staircases that seem to run in every direction, some sideways and upside down; some ending in freestanding doors and others turning or leading off to points unknown. Occasionally, glowing green footprints manifest along these stairs, and any candelabras they pass flicker and sputter out before mysteriously relighting.

At the top of the stairs, guests travel through a darkened area of whispering voices and eyes blinking in the dark; these eyes soon become the patterns of the demon wallpaper as the doom buggies pass into the Endless Hallway.


The Endless Staircase was not originally part of the attraction: prior to its addition in 2007, the area was just a darkened space with cobwebs and large, glowing spiders on either side of the staircase. According to The Haunted Mansion: Imagineering a Disney Classic, Imagineers drew inspiration for this expansion from early concept art by Ken Anderson, as well as from the strange architecture of the Winchester Mystery House.

Other Appearances

Disney Kingdoms Haunted Mansion

The Hatbox Ghost brings Danny Crowe here after rescuing him from the Captain. He explains that the Endless Staircase is a veritable labyrinth through Limbo, and that anyone who knows how to navigate it can reach other haunted places around the world. The Hatbox Ghost is one of the only spirits who knows how to travel via this method and did so quite extensively before the Captain's curse blocked most of the byways. Now trapped in the mansion along with the others, the Hatbox Ghost can only use it to help Danny reach the Ghostly Materials Gallery, and later the library.

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