Emily de Claire is a character in the Haunted Mansion comics, based on the ghostly Bride from the attraction and the Priscilla character from Ken Anderson's early concepts.
Emily the attic bride model sample

Cartoon of Emily de Claire


Emily de Claire was the beautiful young bride-to-be of William Gracey. Their courtship was swift but filled with romantic intensity, and it was not long after that the two were set to be wed. However, on the day of her wedding she was frightened to death by the ghosts of William Gracey's former crew, who revealed to her the tragedies he had commited while he was the infamous pirate Captain Blood.

After her death, her ghost remained in the attic, staring out the window nightly looking for her absent husband. Fifi believes that Emily is her owner, though Emily does not seem to recognize the poodle and wonders why "that little rat-dog" keeps staring at her.


  • Although many fans believe that the original Bride in the Haunted Mansion attraction was named Emily, the only official use of the name was in the comics, which are not canonical to the attraction.
  • The name "Emily" was likely lifted from bride in the Ghost Gallery .

    Emily in the comics

  • On House Of Mouse, Emily was also referred to as the Bleeding Bride.
  • Her last name is a pun of declare.
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