The Duelists are a pair of ghosts that haunt in the Haunted Mansion.



The Ride

The ghosts appear in the Haunted Mansions in both Disneyland and Disneyworld but fail to appear in Phantom Manor and Mystic Manor. Their ghosts emerge from a pair of portraits hanging on the left side of the Ballroom wall, then turn and shoot each other at the same time. When they shoot, they both dissapear. In their portraits they are shown to have been gentlemen dressed from the early 19th century, the one on the left has a black goatee and curled moustache while the one on the right has a red moustache and sideburns. They are shown in their portraits to have had their duel in a wide open space with plenty of plants surrounding them.

Phantom Manor

After the 2019 refurbishments of Phantom Manor in Disneyland Paris, the duelists were referenced in a new Changing Portrait. The portrait shows Henry Ravenswood and another man standing outside Ravenswood Manor standing back-to-back for a duel then when it changes it shows Henry cheating by turning before the draw and shooting his opponent in the back.

Marvel Comics

In Issue 2, the Duelists make an appearance as antagonists on the Captain's side. They shoot at Danny at an attempt to kill him, and then inform the Captain about Danny in the basement.

2003 film

The Duelists make a cameo in the Graveyard scene of the 2003 film, where they shoot each other's hats off.


  • In the Grim Gazette they are referred to as Paul and Edward Flint, implying that the two men are in fact brothers and that their duel was the climax of their heated sibling rivalry
  • In the Liberty Square Haunted Mansion family plot there is a tombstone for one Mr. Sewell who died in a duel. Due to this some fans believe Mr. Sewell to be the name of one of the Duelists.
  • In Phantom Manor they are replaced with a portrait of the Ravenswood Manor.
  • Their animatronics are reused from the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction, most notably the Duelist on the left is the Auctioneer from the attraction.
  • Their is a small but brief head movement that the duelist on the right has after the guns are fired which lead some to believe that he died first although this could easily be him moving back from the force of the pistol.
  • In the unofficial Ghost Gallery, the duelists are named Etienne Lalaurie and Antione Germaine. In life, they had grown up as the best of friends until they met Madame Leota. Leota seduced them both, manipulating them into turning against each other. Their rivalry culminated in a duel that saw them both die from their wounds, vowing revenge on Leota with their dying breaths.
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