Dr. J.L. Baterista is a character from Mystic Manor.



Dr. J.L. Baterista was a member of the Society of Explorers and Adventurers and a close affiliate of Lord Henry Mystic.

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Behind the Scenes

Baterista is designed to look like Joe Lanzisero who was the Senior Vice President of Walt Disney Imagineering at the time Mystic Manor was constructed.  His first initials being J. L. is another allusion to Joe Lanzisero.


Mystic Manor

Two portraits of JL Baterista can be found in the queue. One of these portraits has him individually in the jungle while the other has him in the 1899 S.E.A. meeting.

Disney Cruise Line

The Oceaneer's Lab features a hat which is apparently a gift given to Captain Mary Oceaneer from Dr. Baterista.

The Tropical Hideaway

Baterista is alluded to in the Tropical Hideaway at Adventureland in Disneyland. A meeting place for the S.E.A., there are oars on the wall commemorating different expeditions society members have taken part of. Baterista has an oar commemorating his expedition in the Congo River in 1906.


  • The name ‘baterista’ means drummer in Portuguese.
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