Death also known as The Grim Reaper or the Angel of Death is a figure briefly referenced in the Haunted Mansion attraction


Death appears in an illustration on page 1312 of Madame Leota's spell-book. The figure is a cloaked, skeletal figure holding a scythe and has a face greatly resembling the leering head. The appearance of the character references the cultural figure the Grim Reaper who is the personification of Death.

Other Appearances

Seekers of the Weird

In Marvel's Seekers of the Weird (based on the unused concepts made by Rolly Crump for the Museum of the Weird), the Grim Reaper is made into a composite character with the Grandfather Coffin Clock but is here known as "The Reaper King". The Reaper King is death incarnate and was imprisoned within the Coffin Clock after killing 60% of Europe during the Black Plague and subsequently stashed away in the Museum of the Weird. The Reaper King's immortal follower Despoina spends the story trying to free her master from the clock only for the Reaper King to be ungrateful and rob Despoina of her powers and immortality before getting trapped again.


  • The term "grim grinning ghosts" which is frequently used in the mansion's theme-song, was originally used by William Shakespeare to describe the personification of death in his poem "Venus and Adonis".
  • In the unofficial Ghost Gallery storyline, the Angel of Death makes an appearance in the story dedicated to the past of the Shadow Pianist where the musician had 13 hours to write a ballad dedicated to Death in exchange for more time alive, only to fail and be doomed to compose the melody for eternity.
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