Davis Coats

Davis Coats was a coat-selling company in New Orleans and Thunder Mesa during the 19th century.  It's existence is an allusion to the Haunted Mansion found in the continuity of Phantom Manor.


Davis coats was a tailor company founded in 1869 in New Orleans, Louisiana.  It's slogan was, "The finest overcoats, cloaks and capes for all happy and somber occasions".  By the 1880s, the services of the company was being advertised in the town of Thunder Mesa, namely by the Thunder Mesa Daily Messenger.

Behind the Scenes

The advertisement of the company serves as a veiled referance to the Haunted Mansion.  The name of the group comes from imagineers/artists Marc Davis and Claude Coats who both worked on the Haunted Mansion.  The year of founding being 1869 is in-referance to the Haunted Mansion's opening date having been in 1969.  In addition to this the company coming from New Orleans referances the Antebellum Mansion being cannonically being set in the city.

Their products can also be taken as referancing the outfits of certain Haunted Mansion characters (namely the Hatbox Ghost) and the uses of, "happy" and, "somber" can be seen as allusions to, "Happy haunts" and the grim aesthetics of the attraction respectively.

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