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"Dear departed Brother Dave
  He chased a bear into a cave"
  ―Dave's tombstone

Dave is a ghost whose name appears on a tombstone of the Family Plot.


Dave, whose unknown brother or sister outlived him and wrote his epitaph, was apparently a notorious hunter. One day, hunting a bear, he chased him inside a cave, where the bear presumably got the best of him.

Since he is in the family plot, he was presumably from the family that owned the Mansion back in the day, likely the Gracey family.


  • The tombstone is a tribute to Imagineer Dave Burkhart.
  • One piece of merchandise (featured below) features the Traveler Hitchhiking Ghost's head carved on Brother Dave's tombstone. This has sometimes been taken as a hint that they might be one and the same.
  • Dave gained a significant popularity thanks to a fanmade twitter account, @DepartedDave, where a possible backstory was proposed for him (a wealthy merchant wose full name was David Chadwick, he chased the bear who had killed his fiancée Romena during a picnic).
  • Dave's tombstone can also be seen in Tokyo's Haunted Mansion alongside those of Chauncey Xavier (normally Francis Xavier) and Mister West (normally Master Gracey).
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