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The Cymbal Monkey is a deceased animal whose tombstone can be found in the Pet Cemetery of the Haunted Mansion during the seasonal Haunted Mansion Holiday overlay.


Cymbal-banging monkeys or, "Jolly Chimps" are a classic children's toy which are machines that bang cymbals together and do flips. Throughout Haunted Mansion Holiday's history, there have been two notable cymbal-monkeys, both of which were removed.

One cymbal monkey was dressed in a bridal-gown and had a red beating heart within its chest, homaging the original version of the bride. The other was a small toy of Oogie Boogie from The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993), dressed similarly to the classic toy. Both appeared within the attic as part of Jack Skellington's assembly of macabre Christmas-presents.

The pet-cemetery tombstone was erected as an homage to both of these toy incarnations.


During Haunted Mansion Holiday, the monument to a small monkey in a bellhop outfit who is banging two cymbals together can be found within the Pet Cemetery.


  • The cymbal monkey and Sparky from Tim Burton's short-film Frankenweenie are the only tombstone animals consistently only added to the Haunted Mansion during the seasonal Haunted Mansion Holiday overlay.
  • In the SLG comics, there was a small monkey haunting the mansion known as the Rodeo Monkey.
  • In the TV show Once Upon a Time, a cymbal-monkey toy could be found in the show's version of Memento Mori which is Madame Leota's shop in Liberty Square.