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The cupola on the exterior of the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland.

In the Haunted Mansion and Phantom Manor, the cupola is a small, most often dome-like, structure on top of a building that the Ghost Host committed suicide in and the Phantom hanged Jake in.


The exterior of the Disneyland Haunted Mansion features a hexagonal cupola with six curtained windows. On top of the cupola is a schooner weathervane.

In the Haunted Mansion, once the lights go out in the Stretching Room, guests can see the interior of an octagonal cupola with four curtainless windows, in which a skeletal corpse (the body of the Ghost Host) hangs from a beam, illuminated by lightning flashes in the night sky. Phantom Manor's cupola has the Phantom hanging a man from the rafters.

Though they have the same style, the exterior cupola windows have three horizontal muntins, while the windows of the cupola containing the hanging body have four.

The cupola on the exterior of the Walt Disney World and Tokyo Disneyland Haunted Mansions have no windows, and feature a bat weathervane.


  • Though the Disneyland version shows the same style of windows (though with different number of muntins) on the inside and the outside, the shape of the cupola is oddly different. It is not known why the cupola is hexagonal and completely vertical on the outside, but octagonal and slanted inward on the inside.
  • The sailing-ship weathervane is a remnant of the unused Gore Mansion backstory for the Haunted Mansion in which the manor's owner would have been a sea captain.