Mariner tomb

"Here floats Captain Culpepper Clyne
Allergic to dirt so he's pickled in brine
He braved the sea and all her wrath
But drowned on land while taking a bath"
—Culpepper Clyne's crypt

Culpepper Clyne is a character who is buried in the family plot of the Haunted Mansion at Walt Disney World. He is an alternate version of the Mariner character from the Sinister Eleven portrait.


Culpepper Clyne was a sea captain who "braved the seas and all her wrath, but drowned on land while taking a bath." His body was interred in a brine-filled crypt located outside of the Haunted Mansion. Occasionally, his ghost can be heard singing the Drunken Sailor sea shanty from his crypt, as well as sneezing underwater, occasionally splashing passing guests.


It has been noted by fans that the new retcon that he "drowned on land while taking a bath" seems a little inconsistent with the original portrait, in which it seems pretty clear that he had drowned when his ship was wrecked, his appearance as a ghost (with seaweed and starfishes all over his suit) emphasizing that he had, well, spent some time at the bottom of the sea. It is, however, possible to imagine that he did not actually drown in the shipwreck, but almost did, and was finally washed back on the shore, all covered in seaweed and starfishes ("facing the sea with all its wrath"). He'd have then taken the deadly bath to try to get rid of said seaweed and starfish. This would be consistent with the epitaph. Despite this, the fact that the ship can be seen right through the Mariner, meaning that he is a ghost, renders this theory pretty unlikely (although it is technically possible that the drowned-on-land ghost might have come back to the ship to haunt it for a while, if one really is searching for an explanation).