The Cryptic Tombstones are a series of tombstones found in the Cemetery of the Haunted Mansion which use ciphers to tribute imagineers who worked on the attraction.

The Tombstones

  • Reseer:
  • Trrebor Llewe: An individual who died in 1704. The name is an anagram for Imagineer Robert Sewell.
  • Snevets Nor: An individual who had died in 1506.
  • Pax Beta: Who died in 1771.
  • Sahc Nosuf: An individual who had died in 1705.
  • Teuh Filic: Who died in 1803 and whose tombstone reads "My Glass is Run" which is an excerpt from a poem written by the 16th century European criminal who wrote the poem before being hung, drawn and quartered. The name is a slightly altered anagram for WED architect Cliff Huett.
  • Laudemuste: An individual who died in 1702.
  • Murdniwg:
  • Nekeesorf: Who had died in 1707.


  • Cliff Huett is also tributed in the Cousin Huet tombstone while Bob Sewell is also given tribute in the form of the Mr. Sewell tombstone.
  • Reseer and Murdniwg are the only tombstones whose dates of death are not given.
  • Snevets Nor having died in 1506 makes little sense as New York state (where Florida's mansion takes place) wasn't settled until 1624, Louisiana (Disneyland's mansion setting) wasn't settled until 1682 and neither the Native Americans nor Vikings who were in America prior used tombstones for their dead at the time. This could mean that the character's tomb was moved to the mansion as one of the ghosts who travelled to the mansion post-mortem.
  • In the Ghost Gallery storyline, Snevets Nor was said to have once been a man named Colonel Ronald Stevens who owned the mansion during the 1870s and who went insane after his stonemason Frederick was killed while working on the mansion. In his insanity, Ronald began carving his name backwards on tombstones within the mansion's adjacent cemetery before dying in a boiler explosion and having his different body parts buried in the different tombs which he had carved his backwards name on.
  • The final digits in the years of deaths all line up from 1-7 when put together and it is suspected that the dates of death were used to categorize the tombstones.
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