Constance's Husbands are a group of five ghosts haunting the Haunted Mansion.


Those five wealthy men were married by Black Widow Bride Constance Hatchaway, who'd brutally murder each one to each time get richer and richer and move on to the next one. The husbands are, in order:


The five husbands ended up as ghosts just as their common wife did. They haunt their own wedding portraits, making their heads disappear on said portraits to expose Constance's crime. In spite of this (admittedly mischievous) denunciation, according to the Ghost Post, they still love Constance in spite of what she did to them. This is actually understandable, as murder and death in general lose much of their seriousness from the Happy Haunts' point of view, which means that in retrospect Constance's crimes mustn't seem as serious to the ghosts as they would to the living.