"All our ghosts have been dying to meet you; this one can hardly contain himself!"

The Conservatory is small scene found in Disneyland, Walt Disney World and Tokyo Disneyland's Haunted Mansions.


After passing the forboding Endless Hallway, visitors ride past an alcove-like conservatory, the space choked with decaying and overgrown plants and vegetation. Outside the huge glass walls is a misty landscape, with only the gnarled limbs of leafless trees visible in the gloom. A raven perches on top of a stand with a withered funeral wreath, and in the center of the chamber is a coffin whose occupant is trying to get out - skeletal hands attempt to push the lid open, which based on the nails sticking through the wood was meant to stay sealed. Guests continue away down the Corridor of Doors before they can see who, or what, those hands belong to.

Phantom Manor

This is scene is replaced by a Music Room, complete with an invisible pianist playing the piano. The raven still appears in this scene, perched near the piano as it caws menacingly at guests.

In the 2019 update, the funeral scene from the other mansions is referenced by the presence of four funeral wreaths.

Other Appearances

The Haunted Mansion (2003 Film)

The conservatory is part of the massive library in the film's Gracey Manor. This depiction merges the conservatory from all the rides along with the library and the music room from the Orlando, Paris, and Tokyo mansions into one room. The coffin from the ride's conservatory is relocated to the mausoleum.

The Haunted Mansion (Video Game)

This room is modeled very closely after the one from the film. for more information, see Conservatory (Video Game).


  • At Walt Disney World and Tokyo's Mansions, the exterior of the conservatory can be seen attached to one of the manor's wings, making it one of the only rooms that can be located from the outside. At night, an eerie glow sometimes comes from within.
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