The Committee of Wandering Ghosts (CWG) are a group introduced in the Ghost Post interactive game. They are a small organization of concerned spirits that has formed in response to the Great Unraveling of the Haunted Mansion. Their mission is to find a way to dispel the mysterious fog that keeps ghosts from leaving or arriving at the mansion, by any means necessary.


The CWG is a relatively young group within the collective of 999 happy haunts, made up of a few ghosts that don't think enough is being done to solve to lack-of-haunting problem. Despite protests by some of the mansion's more powerful spirits - namely the Ghost Host and Madame Leota - that this a problem that ghosts and ghosts alone should deal with, the CWG has quietly and covertly contacted the Ghost Relations Department for assistance, and has been sending articles and artifacts from the mansion to them, which are then shipped via Ghost Post to mortals attuned to the spirit world.


These are the known members of the CWG:

It is unknown if the CWG has officially recruited the Hitchhiking Ghosts, though the trio of souls are at least sympathetic to the cause of the committee.

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