The Citizens of Phantom Canyon are a large group of characters featured in Phantom Manor.


In the year 1849 settlers came to the Big Thunder Mountain Range where they discovered gold and started the Mining Town of Thunder Mesa. After years of prosperous mining, tragedy struck the town in 1860 when a large earthquake hit the town and sunk a large portion of it into a canyon, killing all of it's inhabitants. Over the years the Canyon became known as Phantom Canyon due to the ghosts of the citizens who died having remained as ghosts and undead corpses to haunt the ghost town.

List of Citizens

  • The Mayor: The former mayor of Thunder Mesa who was decapitated in the Earthquake.
  • The Ticket Seller: A train ticket seller sometimes referred to as Ezra.
  • The Sheriff: The late sheriff of Thunder Mesa.
  • The Outlaw: A Bank Robbing Outlaw from the town.
  • The Saloon Piano Player: A Piano player who worked in the Saloon.
  • The Candelabra Holder: A citizen who ultimately wound up dying inside of the Piano Player's piano, possibly hiding for cover and who sticks their arm out to hold a candelabra for the Piano Player.
  • The Bartender: The Saloon's Bartender.
  • The Apothecary: The town pharmacist.
  • The Card Players: A group of invisible ghosts playing cards.
  • The Saloon Girl: A beautiful undead woman who spends her time performing in the Saloon.
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