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Captain Rowan D. Falls is a Phantom Manor character.


Captain Falls was a riverboat captain who operated out of Thunder Mesa and captained the Mark Twain Riverboat and who was leader of the Thunder Mesa Riverboat landing.  Eventually he became a suitor to the wealthy Mélanie Ravenswood but was not liked by her father Henry, the owner of the Big Thunder Mining Company at the time.

Ultimately Rowan was murdered by Henry, who arranged for him to be sent down a waterfall in a rowboat. Rowan would be laid to rest along Mélanie's other suitors in a crypt near the part of Thunder Mesa which collapsed in 1860. He presumably haunts Ravenswood Manor and/or Phantom Canyon along with the other victims of Henry and the earthquake.


A portrait of Rowan and Mélanie together is featured in the Stretching Room which Mélanie disappears from and as the portrait stretches it shows Rowan aboard a row boat going over a waterfall.

Towards the end of the ride his crypt can be seen along with those of Mélanie's other suitors.


  • From his name it is possible that he is a relative Dr. Albert Falls, a jungle exploring member of the S.E.A. who founded the Jungle Navigation Company, the parent company of the Jungle Cruise. Albert was in his prime during the 1910s so it is possible that Rowan could be an ancestor of his.
  • The structure of his stretching room portrait was reused from one of Phantom Manor's original stretching portraits which showed Mélanie in a rowboat falling off of a waterfall.
  • His name is made to sound like "Row on the Falls" as an allusion to his cause of death.
  • Rowan's vessel was the Mark Twain Riverboat, a steamboat in Frontierland that guests can ride along the Rivers of America.
    • Considering that the real-life Mark Twain didn't become a writer until the 1880s, it is likely that the riverboat went by a different name when Rowan was captain during the 1840s-1850s. It could also be possible that it was named Mark Twain coincidentally for reasons unrelated to Clemens' success as a writer.
  • It is unknown exactly what waterfall he would have fallen off of in the Big Thunder region.
    • One possibility is Big Thunder Gorge in the Rainbow Ridge region which is seen from the Mark Twain Riverboat in Disneyland.
  • Captain Rowan D. Falls is somewhat similar to George Hightower from the Haunted Mansion. This is as they are both stretching room characters who courted the mansion's bride and share surnames with members of S.E.A..