Constance Ring

The Bride's Wedding Ring is an object found in the Magic Kingdom's Haunted Mansion.



The Original "Wedding Ring"


Originally there was a stanchion built into the queue of the Haunted Mansion but it was cut off and left behind a metal piece in the ground which somewhat resembled a ring. Eventually guests and cast members noticed the "ring" and assumed that it was part of the mansion's hidden backstory relating to the Bride. In 2010 the remains of the stanchion were removed and then replaced with a custom made metal ring to enhance this hidden detail.

Connie Girl

A photograph of Constance in her mortal life with her wedding ring

Suggested Backstories

  • The Ghost Gallery claims that the ring fell off of the finger of the bride Emily Cavenaugh's corpse during her funeral and that her funeral hearse rolled over it.
  • One Cast-Member story says that the ring was engraved in the pavement after she plummeted to her death either by suicide or by being murdered.
  • The most current story says that the ring was thrown off the mansion's attic balcony by Constance after having murdered her final husband.

Other appearances

  • In a stop-motion animated Disney XD short, the cast of Disney's Ducktales are looking for the Bride's wedding-ring and find it on a stone-carving of her hand located on her tomb.
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