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"Aqui Descansa Bradford Clemente Demaisiado Beber de la Fuente"
―Bradford's Tombstone

Bradford Clemente is a character referanced on a tombstone in Disneyland's Haunted Mansion.


Given how Bradford was buried in the Family Plot of the Haunted Mansion, it can be presumed that he was either a relative or close friend of the family which owned the Haunted Mansion. Based on how Bradford's epitaph is written in Spanish it can be presumed that Bradford was a Spanish man. Bradford's translated tombstone reads, "Here Rests Bradford Clemente He drank too much from the fountain" which added with the carving of a grape implies that Bradford died of alcohol poisoning.

Behind the Scenes

Bradford's tombstone was added to the Haunted Mansion in 2016 along with the reinstallation of the original tombstones to the mansion's berm cemetery. The tombstone is a tribute to Haunted Mansion show designer Brad Clemens.