The Birthday Ghost is a ghost of a woman standing at the far left of the dining table in the Ballrooms of Disneyland, Walt Disney World, and Tokyo Disneyland.


Birthday Ghost in the Comics

She has auburn hair and wears a pink gown in the ride, but in the comics, she has light blue hair and wears a blue dress. She wears a birthday hat.

She can be seen standing on a chair at the head of the table, opposite to Great Caesar's Ghost where she can be seen blowing out the 13 candles on a birthday cake. At Disneyland and Tokyo Disneyland, she remains visible, but at Walt Disney World, she disappears along the other ghosts around the table.

Other Appearances

Ghost Gallery

In the Ghost Gallery storyline, she is named Victoria Abigail Boufont but goes by the name Mme. Tangerine due to her crop of orange hair. She is the great-aunt of Master George Gracey jr. (a composite of Master Gracey and the Ghost Host) and the one who threw the majority of the parties in Gracey Manor. Madame Leota hated her so much that at one of her parties she cursed Mme. Tangerine to die in 13 years time, something which Mme. Tangerine often used as a means for celebration just to spite the witch, dying with a smile on her lips.


  • At Disneyland Paris, she is replaced with the ghost of a woman who is toasting with a wine glass.
  • The Birthday Ghost has the same face as the horn player in the Graveyard band.
  • A 1970s standard operating procedure manual for the Disneyland attraction refers to her as the "Ghostess," who has invited her friends of the spirit world to dance, play, and share her birthday cake. Another "Ghostess" beckons visitors to hurry back at the end of the attraction.
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