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The Bicycle Ghosts are a group of ghosts in the Haunted Mansion.


The ghosts are shrouded figures with bulging eyes and corpse-like gnarled hands. They ride bicycles outside of the haunted mansion.


The Haunted Mansion

The ghosts can be found in the graveyard in the background of the tea-party sequence. They ride their backs around a tree in and out of sight.

Other Appearances

Marc Davis Bicycle Ghosts

Spooky Tenants

A bicycle ghost appears in the Mickey Mouse comic, Spooky Tenants in the form of a character named Jonathan Harker.

In it, Jonathan Harker was a man who got so excited during a cross-country bicycle race in 1887 that he rode off Wandsworth Cliff into the ocean, never to be seen alive again. His ghost haunted his former home, the old Harker house, until it was torn down.

Along with the ghosts of his nephew Ebeneezer and Ebeneezer's wife, Jonathan relocated to Goofy's house for a brief period of time, riding his bicycle through the rooms. Eventually, Goofy and Mickey Mouse persuaded the three ghosts to live at the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland. Once he arrived, Jonathan trundled his bicycle to the back of the house and joined two other phantom cyclists who were riding there.
Marc Davis Dapper Bicycle

Ghost Gallery

In the cast-member made Ghost Gallery backstory, the Bicycle riders were guests of a Halloween tea-party hosted in the mansion's cemetery by Mme. Tangerine. They died due to having been poisoned by tea which was unknowingly contaminated by the rotting corpse of Gus Gracey due to it's water having been fetched from the well where he died.

They are buried on the mansions grounds with epitaphs based off of their pun party aliases. This makes them composite characters with the inhabitants of the Pun Crypts.

2003 film

The bicycle ghosts appear in the 2003 film adoption but are depicted as ghosts of humans instead of being shrouded figures with bulging eyes and corpse-like gnarled hands like in the ride. Their bicycles are changed from triangle-framed to Victorian-era types.


  • One scrapped piece of concept art by Marc Davis showed four ghosts of Dapper Dans on a four-person bicycle (similar to those used by Dapper Dans in the Disney parks)
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