Aunt Lucretia is the semi-official name of one of the ghosts haunting the Haunted Mansion.


The Haunted Mansion (Disneyland)

Aunt Lucretia is a bust found in every Haunted Mansion except for Mystic Manor. In the New Orleans Mansion her bust is found twice in the attraction; once in the portrait corridor staring at guests as they pass by and another time on the mantle of the fireplace in the Grand Hall as a ghost sits next to her with his arm around her.

The Haunted Mansion (Walt Disney World)

In the Hudson River Valley Mansion her bust is found three times, twice in the library as a staring bust where she is said by the Ghost Host to be one of the greatest ghost story writers that the literary world has ever known, and she appears agin in the grand hall exactly like her Disneyland counterpart. In Phantom Manor her bust appears once outside of the Grand Staircase staring at guests but she does not appear in the ballroom.


Her effect was achieved by creating an inverse of a woman's face and putting it up against a black background in a pocket of the wall to make it appear as if her bust was facing outwards. Because it is inverse no matter where you move whenever you look at the bust it appears as if it is always staring at you.


  • She got her name from concept art which labelled her as Aunt Lucretia.
  • The concept art also featured the singing busts meaning that it could have been possible she was originally intended to have been a singing bust.
  • The staring bust effect was discovered when imagineers looked at the backside of animatronic Abe Lincoln's head and noticed it looked like it was facing them wherever they went.
  • In the Liberty Square Haunted Mansion she is said to have been one of the greatest ghost writers the literary world has ever known.
  • She is the only Staring Bust who has a name.
  • In the Ghost Gallery storyline which serves as an unofficial past for Disney World's mansion, her character is named Elizabeth Barrett. Elizabeth is said to have once been a student of Yale where she studied to become a ghost-writer and also became friends with George Gracey jr. (a composite of Master Gracey and the Ghost Host). Years later, George hired Elizabeth to be the resident librarian of Gracey Manor while the other three ghost writers (who were other writer friends of their's) were tasked with searching for occult texts for George to obtain. Ultimately she died along with the other writers when one of the other writers accidentally knocked over the bookshelf in the library, crushing them all to death.
  • Her name in the Ghost Gallery being Elizabeth Barrett is a tribute to Victorian poetess, Elizabeth Barrett Browning.
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