The Attic Hatboxes are a group of suspicious hatboxes found in the attics of the Haunted Mansions in Florida and California.




There used to be hatboxes in the attic which had ghosts popping out from them to scare guests.


Seven Hatboxes

In Disneyland there are seven hatboxes shown alongside the Hatbox Ghost on the attic's balcony (not including the hatbox he holds in his own hand) with four of them appearing on his cart while the others are shown stacked up.

Walt Disney World

In Walt Disney World the Hatboxes are found on the opposite side to Constance's ghost at the end of the attic. Here there are only five hatboxes and they are positioned beside a coatrack holding each of Constance's husbands' trademark hat.

Severed Heads Theory

Constance Concept Art

Concept Art of Constance Hatchaway

The Theory

The popular theory is that the hatboxes are used to conceal the decapitated heads of Constance's beheaded victims (namely her husbands) as it is known that her modus operandi requires her to decapitate her victims, as well as to keep mementos from her victims as souvenirs, and it is known by the Hatbox Ghost's appearance that hatboxes associated with bride figures are regarded as a means for concealing severed heads. Also in the Magic Kingdom, the five hatboxes being showed directly beside Constance's five dead husband's associated hats (Ambrose Harper's bowler, Frank Banks' top hat, the Marquis de Doome's military hat, Reginald Caine's top hat and George Hightower's top hat) could all be a reference to the hatboxes being used to hold the heads.

Two Extra Victims

In Disneyland's Haunted Mansion, there are seven hatboxes which according to the theory would mean that Constance likely had two other victims we are not aware of. It should be noted that this version of the attic featured the Shadow Pianist who could very well be another one of Constance's victims but that still leaves one extra head in her collection which remains unidentified.


Present Hatbox
  • During the seasonal Haunted Mansion Holiday at Disneyland, in the attic sequence a present that appears to be a gift-wrapped hatbox is featured. There appears to be a name on it's name-tag.

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