The Apothecary, also unofficially referred to as Doctor Jekyll, is a character in Phantom Manor.


The Apothecary was a man who ran a shop in the mining-town of Thunder Mesa during the early 1860s.  He was an apothecary which was his town's equivelent of a pharmacist and who mainly studied medicines, herbs and concoctions.  He died during the earthquake of 1860 when the part of the town he lived in collapsed into a canyon which would become known as Phantom Canyon.  It was here that the Apothecary along with all the other residents of Phantom Canyon became an undead creature.


The old version of the Apothecary

The old version of the Apothecary

The Apothecary appears in his shop during the Phantom Canyon sequence where he is seen through the window drinking his own concoctions.

He was eventually removed but reintegrated into the ride during the 2019 refurbishment where he was given a new and updated look.


Concept art by Ken Anderson


  • The Apothecary tableau was inspired by concept artwork created by Ken Anderson of a Mad Scientist tableau for a scrapped version of the Haunted Mansion.
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