The American Civil War was a four year military conflict in the United States (Union) that began after the southern states, including Louisiana, elected to sucede from the rest of the Union to form the Confederate States of America for various reasons, but was viewed as illegal and was subsequently rejected by the U.S. government. It officially began, when the Confederates attacked the Union Fort Sumter in April 12, 1861 and ended in May 9, 1865 with the dissolution of the Confiderate States.

In the Ride

In the attraction at DisneyWorld the Haunted Mansion is located in Liberty Square which takes influence from this point of history and has many nods towards it throughout the area.

Haunted Mansion (Video Game)

"She may be able to handle the lesser evil spirits, but she will not fare so we'll when I unleash the others. With the chaos of the war and the city in flames. I'm afraid the secluded estate is no place for a lady... to be alone"
―Tome of Shadows Vol. 5 page 613

Zeke's unnamed father fought in the Civil War presumably for the Confederates but sadly, he perished in an unknown battle and with Zeke's mother's disappearance it left Zeke on his own. Atticus recorded his experience of the Civil War in the Tomes of Shadow describing how a city, possibly New Orleans, is burning with the chaos of war.