Albert's Portrait

Albert the Monkey is the protagonist of Mystic Manor.


Albert was Lord Henry Mystic's pet monkey. When Henry was exploring what would be known as Mystic Point, he found Albert in a spider web. He freed him and he would be his traveling partner since with the monkey coming to live with the Lord in Mystic Manor.

He is always causing mischief and getting into trouble.  Albert is Lord Mystic's travelling companion, confidant, and "rather mischievous" pallbearer. For several years, both Lord Mystic and Albert have traveled the world in search of rare and precious artifacts for guests and tourists alike to enjoy. Mystic often brought Albert to meetings with the Society of Explorers and Adventurers which the lord was a member of and by the 1930s Albert even had his own fez kept at a S.E.A. meeting place known as the Skipper Canteen.

Spider and Food

Portrait in Mystic Manor of Albert and the spider Lord Mystic saved him from.


Music Box 3

More realistic concept art of Albert and the Balinese Music Box


  • Albert (along with Lord Mystic) was originally planned to have a much more realistic design than the hyper-cartoonish one he wound up having.
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