Black widow bride sitting on top of George's tombstone model sample

Abigaile Patecleaver is a deleted alternate version of the character Constance Hatchaway.


The character was to be the name of the Black Widow shown in a portrait in the Stretching Room who initially appears to be an old woman holding a rose, but after the portrait stretches it is revealed that she is sitting on the tombstone of her late-husband George who's bust has a hatchet wedged into it's skull, implying that his wife "axed him off" so to speak.

In a deleted 1968 script by X. Atencio, the Ghost Host would have revealed the backstories of the characters shown in the portraits hanging in the Stretching Room. The narration for the Black Widow character would have read, "Widow Abigail Patecleaver who was preceded by her husband"

This information was relatively unknown however and the character was never referred to as Abigail so in 2006 when they refurbished the Attic sequence in order to relatively reinvent the Bride character, the Bride was combined with the Black Widow and became canonically known as Constance Hatchaway.


  • In the backstory for the 2003 live-action film, the parents of Master Gracey were said to be named Abigail and George, which was a reference to both the stretching room portrait and the cast-member created Ghost Gallery storyline where the two were said to have been the parents of Master Gracey.
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